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Realtor John Smith
ABC Realty, Inc
Torrance, CA

15 years of expereince with real estate sales in the Torrance, CA area..

Recent Sales

By Jerry Smith

Sold In 2018


5 Bedroom home with a view. Multiple offers generated in week 1 of listing.

Listed For 3 Days


On the market on Monday. Offer accepted on Thursday. The high quality photos made a difference.


Beach Cottage


Sold at one of the highest price per square
foot in the area in 2016.


Condo Sale


Highly successful open house helped us
find the right buyer at the listed price.


A Few Words From My Clients...

Really knows the Torrance area. Helpes us find a great deal near the schools we wanted.  After we found the property his knowledge of tha area was used to create the initial offer. We thought it was a little low but he got it done.”

“Created a website just for our listing and then saw it on digital ads. Our buyer found the property this way. So I would say he goes the extra steps to find the largest pool of buyers for a property. It worked for us.

“At first view, looks like a nice guy with great focus and gave us the time that was given to sell the home. i also like the clear marketing approach. It provided a lot of exposiure for our property.  He knows what he's doing.”

Marketing Plan

Generating Buyer Traffic To Your Listing


Its a team effort to present our listings in the best possible manner

Mobile, online, direct mail, staging, digital ads, single property websites, & more.

3 Marketing Keys

A Proven Marketing Plan For Your Property


Local Exposure

Our marketing begins before we list the property.  


Our prelisting marketing plan includes exceptional visuals, a custom single property website, and marketing that targets local buyers.



Online Marketing

How your home shows online is critical to generating interest from serious buyers. 


We understand this and have a complete online marketing plan for your home including social media & Facebook.



Agent Networking

We've built a large network of real estate agents.  Each of these agents is contacted with the details of our new listings. 


Our goal is to place your property in front of every qualified buyer.





The 2018 Seller Guide

Includes several proven tips to help prepare your home to sell for the highest price

Get my 2018 Homeseller Guide

7 Tips To Help You Sell

The Buyer Section

Resources For Buyers Including Property Search

First Time Buyer?

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Check out these buyer tips
and links to loan programs
for first time buyers.

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Buyer Video

One of Bootstrap 4's big points

My short video on buying real
estate in 2018. Comes with
free buyer guide.

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Community Pages

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Check out highlights of
the best neighborhoods 
in Torrance, CA.

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Property Search

See the latest properties in the Torrance area.

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Featured Listings

A few of my current listings

House 1


  • 4 Bed  3 Bath
    3900 sq ft
    Pool & view
    Great location

House 2


  • 4 Bed  3 Bath
    3900 sq ft
    Pool & view
    Great location

House 3


  • 4 Bed  3 Bath
    3900 sq ft
    Pool & view
    Great location

House 4


  • 4 Bed  3 Bath
    3900 sq ft
    Pool & view
    Great location

Mortgages & Loans

Interest rates are very attractive for buyers



Current Interest Rates

Mortgage Calculator

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See my community pages

Visit my blog for information on our community
and the real estate market.


About Me

I have over 15 years of experience in the Torrance real estate market.
In 2016, my unrelenting work ethic resulted in a 48% increase in my total sales.
With every listing, I create a personalized marketing plan to maximize the
exposure for my properties.


Any Questions?

Buying? Selling?

I'm available to answer all of your real estate questions.  Contact me right now & let's talk.